How much waterproofing is required to cover a slab or roof?

It depends on the IMPAC presentation you are going to use, as the spread rates vary.

First you need to measure the length and width of the slab or roof to be waterproofed (taking into account all the parapets, they also have to be coated.

Later, check the spread rate of the IMPAC waterproofing you plan to use (the waterproofing spread rates vary, depending on the type of waterproofing and the roughness of the surface).

Do I need any other material to apply waterproofing?

Yes, it depends on the presentation of IMPAC you are going to use, the products may vary, depending on the system you choose. Generally acrylic waterproofing requires an acrylic seal and an acrylic plastic cement and, on some occasions, reinforcement fabric (most of our waterproofing is already fibrated and does not require the use of fabric on the entire surface, even so we recommend you use a band of fabric on critical points, the use of fabric on all the surface depends on the type of surface and the type of waterproofing).

What is the spread rate of a waterproofing presentation?

It depends on the presentation of IMPAC of your choice, you should read the information on the container.

In our PRO line, which is the most popular line, the 19-liter bucket of conventional waterproofing has a spread rate of m2 per liter, in other words 19 m2 per bucket, applying two coats to the surface.

What type of waterproofing should I use?

You need to know the background of applications to the slab, checking that the new waterproofing system is the right one; as a general rule do not combine acrylic systems with asphalt systems.

Can I waterproof the walls with the product for roofs?

We do not recommend it. There are specialist products. First of all, it is necessary to identify the source of the seepage in order to be able to recommend the right product (which could be IMPAC Fachadas, IMPAC Kekul or a cement-based waterproofing. You can also use IMPAC Safe for uneven walls, it depends on the problem with the wall).

Can I use the Waterproofing as a sealer?

No, to seal a surface it is necessary use the corresponding Seal specified on the container, depending on the waterproofing you are going to use.

What effect do puddles have on the waterproofing?

Waterproofing (particularly water-based ones) do not work properly when there are puddles. If necessary, carry out repairs beforehand using construction materials, then wait until it has finished curing (it takes 28 days for concrete) to be able to waterproof.

What should I do when I find cracks or fissures in my slab?

We would first have to determine the cause of these fissures in order to recommend the right product.

Under what weather conditions should waterproofing NOT be applied?

- Do not apply at temperatures lower than 50 °F (10 °C) or higher than 113 °F (45 °C), neither in rainy days nor with a rainfall threat.
- Do not apply in humid surfaces. Do not apply when relative humidity is higher than 85% as in days or hours with thin fog, breeze, mist, dew, etc.

What should I do to keep the acrylic waterproofing system functional?

The roof should be cleaned periodically (cleaning outflows) to avoid the accumulation of leaves.

Do not use it to store things, as a pedestrian walking area or as a place for animals.

How do I make a complaint about members of your staff?

Write to the email address: sergio.palencia@impac.com.mx where we will follow up on your complaint

Can I buy directly from the company?

Our sales are done exclusively through distributors, and the information is channeled according to the nature of your consumption.

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