Note: Performance varies depending on the surface roughness, a person who applies, ambient and surface temperature, relative humidity, among other factors, this recommendation is a guide only and the interpretation of it is beyond our scope and our responsibility.
Impac Group
Impac has been leading the waterproofing industry in Mexico, offering high quality roofing and coating systems.
To talk about IMPAC®, is to talk about the history of waterproofing in Mexico, given that our company is intimately linked to the development and innovation in this area.

Impac Group starts operations in June 1980 manufacturing resins for the construction industry, as well as adhesives and glues under the commercial trademark Pgalo®.

It later incorporates the line of IMPAC acrylic waterproofing, paints and pastes for texturizing that are swiftly accepted by local and regional distributors.

IMPAC Group starts its nationwide expansion with the inauguration of warehouses in key cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara, Chihuahua and Hermosillo, which will later turn into Distribution Centers.

IMPAC Group broadens its supply of products, incorporating the line of prefabricated waterproofing, architectural coatings and a new range of solutions for concrete.

The number of Distribution Centers is expanded throughout the Mexican Republic and supply points are established in the United States and Guatemala, managing to consolidate and position the company on the international scene.

Nowadays, IMPAC® continues to envisage a promising future by incorporating new lines and markets into its expansion plan, consolidating its leadership in quality, innovation and technological development to satisfy the demands of the market.
Mission Statement
Producing and marketing an extensive range of waterproofing, architectural coatings and complementary chemical products for the construction industry, seeking to improve comfort and protection in homes and industry, in general, with quality products and services, with ongoing innovation and at a competitive price.

We are working to achieve the complete satisfaction of our customers, employees, suppliers and partners, as well as their development and professionalization in their relationship with our company, generating a profitable operation that is focused on growth.
Corporate Values
Result - oriented
Customer - oriented
Positioning the IMPAC® Group as a leader in the worldwide waterproofing market, architectural coatings and complementary chemical products, with operations that add value to our customers, employees, suppliers and partners, responsibly collaborating with the world around us and communities in general.